Language Cafe
Språkstudion organises Language Cafe sessions where you get the opportunity to practise languages in an informal setting, together with other students and native speakers. Welcome!

What is a language cafe?
At a Language Cafe session, you practise your language skills and cultural awareness by talking to native-level speakers and other learners over a cup of coffee or tea. Språkstudion’s language cafes are run by students on a volunteer basis, with no formal language teachers present. Cafe sessions allow you to practise a language you want to improve at in a relaxed environment, regardless of your current level.

Signing up as a participant
Students and staff who are interested in participating for language practice sign up for the spring term through our registration form. All participants sign up individually using their official university email address, and receive a confirmation email. Sign up is open all term, so we encourage you to share the link to the registration form on your university website. Read more here. Please note: Those who signed up for last year’s language cafes also need to fill out the form above – the registration is valid for the current term only.

Signing up as a coordinator
Students who are interested in volunteering as coordinators in their native-level language(s) are encouraged to sign up for our digital information meeting on Thursday January 20th at 12:00 CETRead more and sign up here. Coordinator sign up is open all term through email (, but the initial schedule and list of available languages will be determined by those who participate in the January 20th meeting. As such, please make sure your students are informed of this meeting as soon as possible.

The initial schedule for the language cafes will be published on our website shortly after the January 20th meeting, and the cafes will start on Monday January 31st. The schedule will only be posted on our website and not as a PDF, as times and languages in the schedule may change several times throughout the term. As such, please make sure you direct your students to our website in order to access the current schedule and more information.

Questions + “open house” in Zoom January 13th
Let us know if you have questions or suggestions, or if we can help you promote the cafes to your students in any way. You are also welcome to come by our open Zoom room this Thursday January 13th between 12pm–1pm CET to discuss or ask questions about the language cafes: